Shamica Ruddock’s soundscape is launched in two segments as part of the Unseen Guests commission. For the first part of the piece, titled A Reverberant Shadow, an unrecognisable kind of silence (2024) the artist utilises material archive from iniva’s audiovisual collection to explore the relationship between sound and time. Ruddock experiments with acceleration and silence, reflecting on the significance of quietness and its offerings, and investigating the possibilities of time stretching.

Delving into John Akomfrah's practice, the significance of sound and music emerges as a vital element in his storytelling and narrative construction. Among other reasons, Akomfrah employs sounds to create a range of experiences, sometimes conflicting, sometimes contradictory, and sometimes complementary, establishing an auditory landscape that is intricately intertwined with the visual narrative. In the context of the commissioned soundscape within the digital pavilion, it serves as a transition point into a new conceptual space.

The soundscape acts as a prelude, setting the tone for visitors as they embark on their journey through the digital pavilion. It offers an introduction to the artistic concept and a bridge to connect audiences with the thematic elements that will unfold in subsequent commissioned works. This intentional integration of a soundscape in the digital environment underscores the multidimensional nature of the project as sound refuses to be contained, invades and occupies physical space.

The first part of the commission is launched on Tuesday 16th April, and the second part will be available to listen to in July.